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Scaffold Safety
Scaffold Safety

Scaffolding Safety & Scaffold Regulations
This web site offers free downloads of the OSHA standards 1926.450 - 1926.454 that govern the proper erection, inspection, and use of all scaffold products.
The Scaffold Industry Association (SIA) is a non-profit organization that offers many written, VHS, and CD-ROM products for purchase created by industry professionals to assist all erectors and users of scaffold. Additionally, this organization lists over 60 Accredited Training Institutes throughout the United States and Canada where you can go to receive hands on training for User Hazard Awareness, Competent Person, or Professional Scaffold Erecting.
The National Safety Council web site offers you the ability to purchase the ANSI A10.8-2001 Safety Requirements for Scaffolding. This set of scaffold standards offers guidelines written by industry professionals to assist you in erecting, inspecting, and using scaffold safely.
The Scaffold, Shoring, and Forming Institute has co-authored with the SIA a "Code of Safe Practices" that can be downloaded at no cost to assist you by providing some common sense guidelines for erecting and using scaffold. Many scaffold manufacturers use these Codes of Safe Practices as our Manufacturer's Recommendations on how to use scaffold equipment properly.